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Kylie's Story

Kylie Anne Kularski is a 13 year old girl who was born with an extremely rare condition called Bilateral Anophthalmia. In Bilateral Anophthalmia both of the eyes are completely absent.

This little girl has also been diagnosed with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, a permanent movement disorder which causes her to have both stiff and weak muscles along with tremors, which once resulted in her right hip coming out of socket, requiring extensive surgery. As a result of both medical conditions, Kylie has had to endure numerous complicated surgeries in her young life.

It's difficult to imagine the extent of this much suffering on any one person, let alone a child given so many challenges in life. Kylie cannot speak but she can hear. At times when her mother plays some of her favorite country music songs, her spirit begins to soar as she displays a beautiful smile that's absolutely contagious.

Kylie's mom Kelly has worked very hard to try to provide a nice home to best accommodate the special needs of her daughter. Kylie has been wearing diapers since she was born and requires a lot of bathing. Being a growing young girl, unable to support herself the steps required to get her positioned in a lift, down a narrow hallway and into a small bathroom is becoming a much more difficult task for those who assist her, not to leave out, a more painful process for Kylie.

The goal and desire is to raise enough funds for Kylie's mom to be able to purchase a van equipped with a wheelchair lift for transportation, as well as enough to cover the cost to build Kylie a master bedroom and bathroom addition, one that would provide anyone the ability to wheel Kylie directly into an open shower without so much struggle.

Please consider making a contribution towards helping Kylie. Thank you for your anticipated gift of compassion.