About Us

Our Mission StatementĀ 

"Showing others we care"

Our mission and desire is to bring understanding and public awareness about people with tremendous needs and their circumstances. We advocate for them while relaying the message of how important it is to show others compassion by giving and coming together.


Kites of compassion was formed by Teresa Carrasquillo and Beth Berta, two women who came to know and trust each other by working together for the same company over the last fifteen years. Both women share a common desire to demonstrate compassion to people who are faced with great challenges, by making a positive impact in their life. Being able to provide people with an essential need is the mission these women have tasked themselves with.


Thirteen years ago a coworker of ours had a granddaughter named Kylie. She was born with a rare condition of not having any eyes as well as multiple other medical conditions to follow. As Kylie grew, so did her needs and so did the difficulty in providing care for her. To read more about Kylie see "Kylie's Story". Over the years of seeing Kylie's pictures on a desk, our compassion of more than just polite inquiries for her grew. After meeting with Kylie and her mom Kelly and witnessing her daily struggles, we were compelled to do something to show her how much we cared. That is where and why our journey of Kites of Compassion begins.

Our Future

We will be launching kites at our groundbreaking fundraising event on behalf of Kylie. This event will be the first of what we expect to be many more, as we strive to make a difference and demonstrate to people that we recognize their struggle by ... "Showing Others We Care".